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Music and Mental Wellness Workshops

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The mental wellness needs of musicians are very unique. Through video and in-person workshops (restrictions permitting), I seek to create a space for discussion of the mental health issues facing musicians of all areas. Sessions can be tailored to individuals in training, those who are freelancing, as well as those in volunteer ensemble communities. 

Workshop topics include:

  • Mindfulness, focus, and concentration

  • Self-care

  • Sleep & nutrition

  • Perfectionism

  • Self-talk

  • Boundaries

  • Emotional Health

And may be focused on:

  • Navigating a freelancing career

  • Wellness through auditions

  • The impact of Covid-19 on music-making

For more information, or to book a workshop for your music community,

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Upcoming Events

2023 Workshops

Wooden Piano

March 23, 2023
University of Alberta Augustana Campus
Camrose, AB 

Mental Wellness for Musicians: Anxiety and Burnout

April 21, 2023
1:00pm EST
Choral Canada Webinar

Holding space: Supporting music students, singers, and colleagues in mental wellness


Music Conference Alberta

October 20-22, 2022 Edmonton, AB

Workshops: Mental Health for Conductors and Educators; Our Collective Recovery from the Pandemic Experience

University of Alberta Opera Workshop

October 20, 2022, Edmonton AB

Workshop: Mental Wellness for Musicians: Anxiety and Burnout

Acadia University

September 22, 2022, Wolfville, NS

Workshop: Mental Wellness Tools for Musicians

Podium Choral Conference and Festival

May 19-23, 2022, Toronto, ON


Interest Session: Breathing and balancing: Coping with pandemic burnout

National Youth Choir, 2022

May 13, 2022, Ottawa, ON


Workshop: Mental wellness tools for musicians

Resonate Music Conference, 2022

May 4-6, 2022, Regina, SK/Virtual


Workshops: Mental health and wellness through music (Teacher's interest session)

Managing mental wellness for musicians (Student interest session)

University of Regina Department of Music

February 11, 2022, Regina, SK/Virtual


Workshop: Balancing through the pandemic: tools for mental wellness

Image by Nicolas Lobos
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